Kontakti | AMMK



Address: Luan Haradinaj Street, New Government Building of Kosovo (former Rlindja Media Palace)

Floor XV / 04, 10000 Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo

Tel: 038 200 33 228 & 038 200 33 233

Email: ammk@rks-gov.net


Institute for Nature Protection of Kosovo-IKMN

Address: Rruga Luan Haredinaj, New Building of the Government of Kosovo (former Rilindja), 1403, Tel: 038 200 33 236


Kosovo Hydrometeorological Institute

Address: Rruga Prishtinë-Fushë Kosovë (near Restaurant Pëllumbi)

Tel: 038 603 842


Directorate for Administration of KP Sharri

Address: Transit road, Petrovë neighborhood without number, in front of the German gymnasium Lojola, Tel: 029 631 376; email: pnsharri@hotmail.com


Directorate for Administration of KP Cursed Mountains

Address: Lagja Dardania- Rruga Ardian Krasniqi, no. 44.



You can download the request form for access to public documents HERE