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Kosovo Hydrometeorological Institute or KHMI for short is the institute that makes hydrometeorological measurements in the territory of Kosovo and air quality monitoring.

Hydro-meteorological activity in Kosovo started in 1922 when a lattice (hydrometer) and limnograph were placed in Vermica, Prozren, on the Drini i Bardhë river. The first climatological measurements date to the same monitoring point.

The current water monitoring network is spread according to the watercourses, respectively the water basins of Kosovo, while the meteorological stations are distributed according to the latitude in order to identify and specify meteorological elements and phenomena.

The Hydrometeorological Institute of Kosovo also manages the network of stations for air quality monitoring.

This institute has the Meteorology Sector which performs meteorological and agrometeorological nights, the Hydrology Sector which monitors surface water and the Laboratory Sector which performs physicochemical analysis of water, soil and air quality.

The main duties and responsibilities of KHMI are:

Construction and maintenance of the basic network of hydrological and meteorological stations and organization of measurements and observations of elements and phenomena: hydrological, meteorological, biometeorological and hydrobiological.

Study, processing, storage, exchange and publication of hydrometeorological data and results and research results in the monitoring network. Organization, maintenance and development of the calculation system, database observers and forecasting for the performance of hydrometeorological works.

Carrying out measurements, meteorological observations with radar as well as performing systematic measurements and hydrometeorological observations in river watercourses in common cases and in cases of disturbances, of groundwater condition in the saturated area and in direct contact with soil and subsoil .

Systematic monitoring and ascertainment of air pollution, atmospheric precipitation, surface water and groundwater of the first source and soil, study and forecast of hydrometeorological conditions of environmental pollution and warning of the occurrence of elementary hydrometeorological disasters.

Providing reports, forecasts and warnings of the competent central and local bodies on hydrometeorological phenomena and the study of weather, climate, surface and groundwater, as well as their impact on the biosphere.

Research of changes in weather, climate, water caused by artificial impact as well as the study of methods of artificial action on weather, climate and water.