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Duties and responsibilities of KEPA

    KEPA is responsible for environment and nature monitoring, establishment and management of databases and environmental information systems. KEPA also has a the duty to give professional opinions on the procedure for approval of management plans of nature protected areas; proposes technical solutions to prevent and reduce environment and nature pollution; develops plans and programs in the field of environmental protection; follows the implementation of the environmental action plan; gives professional opinion on urban and spatial plans, prepares reports for the state of the environment; provides scientific and other support for protection of environment, nature, and biological diversity; develops programs and educational materials to raise public awareness for environment.


    Fulfillment of these tasks is accomplished by participating in, promoting and coordinating activities, which lead to a long term development and well-being, through protecting the environment and sensitizing the public.


    The KEPA’s duties and responsibilities include:  


    • To provide appropriate information for Kosovo Government and Assembly, in order to enable them to develop and implement adequate environmental policies;


    • To develop and coordinate a common environmental information system, and data collection system, connected to environmental monitoring system in Kosovo;


    • To develop and maintain respective centers of data related to the environment (socio-economic information, environmental pressures, and, the state and quality of the environment);


    • To develop procedures for processing and assessing of environmental data collected, including modeling and visual presentation;


    • To perform professional tasks – advice during the determination of content, methodology and techniques of environmental monitoring, and to support the development and implementation of environmental programs and projects;


    • To compare and improve the quality of data collection for the environment (quality check and quality control);


    • To draft reports on the overall state of the environment in Kosovo, as well as to develop specific reports as for: air, water, soil, biodiversity, climate change;


    • To prepare reports for other purposes, such as reports on regional basis, e.g. radioactivity, environmental quality and health in a specific Kosovo region;


    • To support other Kosovo institutions on developing new environmental policies


    • To cooperate with the EEA and other relevant institutions of the European Union


    • To cooperate with others for development and implementation of environmental programs and projects.


    • To ensure publication and/or access to environmental information, considering European standards and communication technology;