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Summary report on air quality in Prishtina for the time period of November – December 2016 and January 2017

Through the analysis results obtained from the automatic monitoring of the air quality it is concluded that during the monitoring period of November – December 2016 and January 2017 the exceeded daily limit values of PM10 have been presented. The permitted daily limit value for human health protection is 50ug/ m3. Whereas, the allowed number of the exceeding days for PM10 is 35 days. Throughout these months a total of 46 days (cases) have been registered, which have exceeded the allowed values of PM10. In November, there were 10 days, in December 21 days, and in January 15 days. more

Report on the State of the Environment in Kosovo 2015

The Kosovo Environmental Protection Agency has the pleasure of sharing with you the Report on the State of the Environment in Kosovo 2015. The report is prepared in response to the legal duties and responsibilities of KEPA to produce regular reporting on the state of the environment. The Report mainly contains data from monitoring the environment situation, but also data from projects, publications and other relevant environmental documentations. Part of the report are also the data from central government and non-government institutions holding specific responsibilities in the area of the environment, with data available for the sector. The preparation of the report is also supported by other sectors of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning. KEPA, therefore, wishes to express its gratitude to and acknowledge the contribution of all who contributed in the finalization of this document, either through making the data available or through their suggestions and input. more

State of nature report 2010-2014

Drafting of the Report on the State of Nature in Kosovo, is under the responsibility and a duty of the Kosovo Institute for Nature Protection, set out under Article 142 of the Law on Nature Protection. The main purpose of the report is to inform the public about the state of nature, protected areas and biodiversity of Kosovo, however thorough this report it is aimed to inform the policy makers to be influenced on the improvement of the policies about the management and conservation of natural heritage values and biodiversity. This report can serve as a good guide to address the projects and support of donor on the nature protection sector. more

Natural beauty of “Bjeshket e Nemuna” mountains, ranked among global touristic destinations

15/04/2013-Dukagjini region, particularly the city of Peja and the mountains that surround it, are the main point of reference for global tourists, who visit Kosovo. This interest comes mainly due to the scenic beauty of the Alps, most of which lie in the municipality of Peja. Thanks to the touristic values, the municipality of Peja entered the finale as a global tourist destination along with 3 other states. In competition with Singapore, Bhutan and Dubai, the World Tourism Organization, picked the winner Peja with the Peaks of the Balkans project "Tourism Tomorrow Award" with its 192 km long path, which consists of touristic signaling and mountain recreational sports. more

Bear "Kasandra" the first resident of the shelter for brown bears in Badovc

The initiative of the Kosovo Institute for Nature Protection, which started years ago with its aim to remove the brown bears from the “mini-zoos” and accommodate them in a suitable natural habitat, has finally started to give its first results. With the help of the Foundation for Animal Protection “Vier Pfoten”, a shelter for brown bears has been set up in the proximity of lake Badovc. The first resident of the shelter is a bear called Kasandra, which was previously isolated in the buildings of the restaurant “Gjeraqina” near Duhle, Suhareka. With the aid of professional teams from “Vier Pfoten”, KFOR, KINP experts, and Kosovo Police, the bear was transported and placed in the shelter.The opening of the shelter was attended by the Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning, Dardan Gashi; minister of European Integration, Vlora Citaku; commander of KFOR, Volker Halbauer; and Austrian Ambassador in Kosovo, Johann Brieger.more


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